Build A Better Digital Burger

burgBuy more leads.

Upgrade my vehicle listing package from Gold to Super-Duper-Platinum!

Buy more leads.

Let’s go from 87 pictures to 196 pictures.

Buy more leads.

These are ways to sell more vehicles in our dealerships, right?  I beg to differ.

Let’s open a restaurant.  It’s going to be a hamburger joint.  Just play along.  We’ve done the heavy lifting.  Great location, tons of employees (nice ones, too), cool looking building, big ad budget for kickoff, super catchy social media campaign, website rocks, all systems go!  We have done everything to ensure that we have a HUGE volume of leads…err…I mean customers, right?  The answer is ‘yes’.  People will come from miles around.

One problem.  Our hamburgers suck.  I mean they really taste bad.  We have spent all this money on the things I mentioned above, but we forgot to make sure we had a great tasting burger.  The only thing we know for sure….We spent A LOT of money to ensure that A LOT of people will know how bad our burgers are.  Maybe we should have spent all of that money teaching our cooks how to make the best burger in the state.

When I took this dealership over, I hadn’t even had time to hang my kids pictures on the wall before I was inundated with vendors that were going to drive tons of leads my way.  Little did they know, I had to take some time to build a better burger.  And we did.  Our burgers rock.

I have people ask me all the time, “Danny, how can I get more leads?”  My response is always the same, “What are you doing with the leads you’re getting now?”

A good chef always tastes his food.


When your digital burger becomes delicious (and it will), KNOCK YOURSELF OUT.  Buy all the leads you can afford.  Trust me, your lead providers will love you.  They do back flips when their dealers handle the leads like superstars.  It makes them look great.

When your staff starts handling opportunities like a Michelin 5-Star Chef, sales becomes a math formula.  Your ROI becomes easy to figure out.  But, when you have untrained, unprepared, and untracked line cooks handling them, then sales become like an undercooked burger…….VERY RARE.

First things first.

Who’s your Danny?


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