Superbowl/Business Analogy #1001


I know, another Superbowl analogy.  Hang with me for just one minute, you’ll see.  

As I was digesting the aftermath of the blowout, as well as a few dozen hot wings, I found myself wondering who the Most Valuable Player would be.  I’m sure that I was not the only person in the country wondering the same thing.  You would think after such a butt-whooping, one name would stand out.  But not this time.  This got me thinking that this was one of the best examples of teamwork that I had seen in professional sports in quite some time.  This game was over at halftime.  Seattle dominated.  

As a dealer or manager, wouldn’t it be great to dominate your competition in this fashion without being able to point to only one or two of your employees?  Each of them just did their job well, understanding the overall goal.  No primadonnas, just a well-trained, inspired group of people destined for greatness.  With this kind of team effort, if one teammate gets injured, you just plug in another.  Your future does not hinge on one Payton Manning.

Maybe the MVP was the coach.  Maybe it’s you?

Hopefully this will remind me to treat all of my employees equally.  Your only as strong as your weakest link.

Here’s to strong links and championships.

Who’d your Danny?


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